Time-lapse space shuttle video

Some things have to go in my blog because they are just so cool. This time-lapse video of the space shuttle Discovery is one of ’em. I love how beat-up looking it is. George Lucas must be proud.

Guitars make great weapons

I had another post all set for today, when Jim Knipper at Media Associates sent me this video.

This puppy is too good to pass up. It combines some of my favorite things — rage, humor, guitars and viral video — to fight back against the corporate impassivity of United Airlines.

Dave Carroll and The Sons of Maxwell produced a great send-up. I’ll bet UA wishes they’d honored his claim.

Remaking the Evian brand

The power of viral marketing is just amazing. And it looks like Evian managed to harness it big-time.

It started with a funny little video called “Baby Break Dance” that went up in June and now has about 500,000 hits. Not bad. But the new “Roller Babies” video posted July 2 has already received 3 million hits on YouTube as of this writing.

The question is, where the hell is this supposed to be going?

My very smart friend/client Laura who showed it to me was kind of stunned at how off-strategy it seems. As was I. The Evian brand has long been about health + fashion. Now it’s about — what? Cute, slightly nutty CGI babies?

The phrase “Live young” seems good, smart. A nice extension of the brand’s health equity. And you can’t argue with the attention-getting quality of the Roller spot itself. So I guess we should just be patient and see what develops.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go get a drink of good old L.A. tap — one of the top-rated waters in the world!