The joy and sadness of Father’s Day

Baby's hand grasping adult thumb

I’ve known Gabriel Tigerman since he was three. He’s a talented actor, a funny writer and a kind and wonderful human. His parents, Wendy and Gary, are dear friends and Wendy’s been my co-creative rock for years. So when they announced that Gabe’s beautiful actor/comedian wife Kathryn was pregnant with their first child, I was thrilled, as was everyone whose lives they’d touched (and there have been many). Baby showers were held. Lamaze classes were attended. Cribs were assembled.

But the birth was fraught with unbelievable disaster. Baby Alice was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Kathryn’s life hung by a thread, all her vital organs shutting down as doctors made a heroic effort to save her.

Fortunately, it worked. Unfortunately, she now faces a long, difficult and very expensive recovery. You can read more here, on a site that’s been set up to deal with this horrific situation.

If you can help them out, even just a little, I know it would mean a lot to them — and to all of us. Thanks.



(That an event like this can wipe a young family out financially, or hang a lifelong debt over their heads — much as a stroke or cancer or a heart attack can do the same for older people — is deeply wrong in a country as powerful, wealthy and creative as ours. I’m very happy we are moving away from that model. I hope that process continues and that the new system is honed so it actually works. But that’s another blog post. — JF)

Skills Like This

There’s a great little independent comedy opening in April. The talented Gabriel Tigerman (Wendy’s son) is in it, but that’s just icing on the cake.

This is an original, wacky, funny film that’s been striving valiantly to get released since it was made, and it deserves to be seen.

One especially cool thing about Skills is its poster (key art).

To me, it embodies just what an indie film campaign should be. It’s a striking graphic image — memorable and intriguing — and it doesn’t look at all “Hollywood”.

I’m not sure who designed the main graphic, but Wendy (who’s our head writer and my co-creative director on many projects) used it to create this overall poster with all the quotes and logos. It’s a tight solution to a complex visual problem and I think it works really nicely.

Go see Skills Like This. See those awards? ‘Nuff said.

Karito Kids rock the mouse

Kid Power 2008
Breakout campaign of the year? Wow!
We just found out our client, KidsGive, was awarded top honors at Kid Power 2008 in Orlando, FL! We beat out Kelloggs and a whole bunch of other kid-centered companies with our launch of the new line of dolls and books, Karito Kids.

Sure, these ethnically accurate, international dolls are gorgeously sculpted, the books are a joy to read, and the fashions are truly cool. But there’s an even more important part of the concept: it gets kids exposed to giving. 3% of the purchase price of every Karito Kids purchase goes towards the international children’s charity, Plan. When little girls take them home, they get involved on-line — playing great games, earning extra points and directing the donation to one of four areas: school, home, health or food. 

So, here’s what the Kid Power site says about the awards:

The Kid Power Awards have been established to honor, recognize and promote the most innovative Kid’s and Families Marketing Campaign. To identify these organizations and individuals, the Kid Power Xchange has enlisted a prestigious list of recognized industry leaders to accurately and objectively evaluate your campaign.

This one’s in addition to the 16 or so awards they’ve already captured in their first year of operation, including the prestigious Oppenheim award and being named No. 1 Toy of the Year by Family Fun.

We are so proud of our talented team of creatives — Kevin, Wendy, Anat and Janina  — and of our amazing, visionary client, that we had to let you know about it. Here’s a link to the KidsGive site. (Yep, we designed that, too.)

BAI Retail Delivery

Just got approval to move ahead with our new campaign for this year’s Retail Delivery Conference & Expo. The theme is “Where innovation meets action” and it’s all about how the banking industry can use fresh thinking to survive and even profit during the current (and coming) economic doldrums.  Wendy Tigerman and I developed the overall direction. She’s writing. Anat Rodan is designing the materials.

We kick it off with a new print ad, then we’ll be doing web ads, direct mail, and video concepts for the event itself. It’s the largest industry conference & expo in — I  think — the world and we are thrilled to be working on it for our third year.