Karito Kids rock at FoxBusiness.com


"Lulu" from the beautiful Karito Kids world collection

This has been quite a week for our clients getting video coverage! The latest is the upstart toy manufacturer KidsGive, and their line of Karito Kids dolls, books and accessories.

Their concept is simple — and wonderful.

When kids buy these gorgeous dolls, a portion of the sale is given to Plan, the international children’s charity. The girls get an activation code that takes them to karitokids.com, where they get to direct their portion of that contribution to Family, Food, Home or Health. It gets children immediately involved, and they learn they can make a difference in other kids’ lives.

On the site, they also get to play games to earn World Change “coins” that they can apply to give even more. They learn about giving back, and they learn about the world.

The dolls have won literally dozens of industry awards since they launched three years ago, and KidsGive has expanded the line to include small soft dolls, jewelry, and more.

Laura Rangel is co-founder and CEO. She’s absolutely amazing — more smarts, optimism and energy in one place than just about anybody I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She talks with the team at FoxBusiness.com about the company and the concept.

Karito Kids Reach Out to Southeast Asia


The original line of Karito Kids, now joined by their little buddies, Travel Charmers (see below).

We are incredibly lucky to have so many clients who do amazing things for the world.

Some raise money for women’s cancers. Others provide education, housing and support for developmentally disabled kids and adults. Still others support young athletes, build homes for working families, or create state of the art programs for seniors with dementia.

It’s a hell of a group, and we’re thrilled to be on their teams.

One of our favorites is the amazing Karito Kids.

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Karito Kids rock the mouse

Kid Power 2008
Breakout campaign of the year? Wow!
We just found out our client, KidsGive, was awarded top honors at Kid Power 2008 in Orlando, FL! We beat out Kelloggs and a whole bunch of other kid-centered companies with our launch of the new line of dolls and books, Karito Kids.

Sure, these ethnically accurate, international dolls are gorgeously sculpted, the books are a joy to read, and the fashions are truly cool. But there’s an even more important part of the concept: it gets kids exposed to giving. 3% of the purchase price of every Karito Kids purchase goes towards the international children’s charity, Plan. When little girls take them home, they get involved on-line — playing great games, earning extra points and directing the donation to one of four areas: school, home, health or food. 

So, here’s what the Kid Power site says about the awards:

The Kid Power Awards have been established to honor, recognize and promote the most innovative Kid’s and Families Marketing Campaign. To identify these organizations and individuals, the Kid Power Xchange has enlisted a prestigious list of recognized industry leaders to accurately and objectively evaluate your campaign.

This one’s in addition to the 16 or so awards they’ve already captured in their first year of operation, including the prestigious Oppenheim award and being named No. 1 Toy of the Year by Family Fun.

We are so proud of our talented team of creatives — Kevin, Wendy, Anat and Janina  — and of our amazing, visionary client, that we had to let you know about it. Here’s a link to the KidsGive site. (Yep, we designed that, too.)