Staying the course

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This full page ad ran on the cover of the List section.
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Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to maintain a message and an idea. People inside your company often get bored long before your target audience even notices what’s going on.

True, we’ve done some campaigns that change completely each year. But usually those were for events and the goal was to create a sense of freshness each time. The Revlon Run/Walk for Women and the Mercedes-Benz Cup Tennis Tournament fell into that category.

But often, clients are antsy to abandon things too soon. It’s the longer view that creates relationships, not the anxious panic that sets in when you’ve been working with the same idea for a while and you think your audience is already bored just because you are.

Trust me. They have other stuff on their minds. You’re really not that important to them. With infrequent placement and a limited budget, they’re barely starting to notice you.

Okay, now the other side of the coin.

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This half-page ad ran inside the List section as a follow-on from the cover ad.
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If you have a solid theme, a powerful idea, you can milk it. Stick with it — but play with it, expand on it or extend it in ways that keep things fresh, entertaining and engaging.

Our Collaboration campaign for Green Hasson Janks seems to get more interesting the more we develop it. The stories (thanks to writer Emily Hutta) are fascinating and surprising. And the collection becomes even stronger as a series.

We’re in our second year and this concept just keeps going. The latest incarnation appears this morning (Monday, March 11) in the Los Angeles Business Journal in the List section on Top L.A. Law Firms. The QR code links readers to the Green Hasson Janks website for the full tale.

Take a look. Even you might be curious about how P.T. Barnum and Jenny Lind’s legal contract was so central to their success.

Further collaboration with Green Hasson Janks

GHJ King Tut Ad

Our campaign for Green Hasson Janks in the Los Angeles Business Journal continues this week with a new ad in the series featuring Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922 and his backer and mentor, George Herbert, Fifth Earl of Carnarvon.

Their story has fascinated generations, and is another great example of collaboration, the theme of the ads and the guiding principle of Green Hasson Janks’s relationships with their clients.

The ad appears on the cover of this issue’s list of accounting firms, and is followed by a smaller one inside that adds more to the tale. A QR code directs readers to the company’s website where the complete story unfolds.

Check out the LABJ this week. And visit the Green Hasson Janks site to read all the examples of amazing historical collaborations.

(Here’s a link to the previous post about the campaign, too.)

An abstract approach to brand identity

Green Hasson Janks folder with reflections

Varnished surfaces add surprise to this corporate presentation piece.

We recently finished a presentation kit for the Los Angeles-based accountants and business advisors Green Hasson Janks. Ordinarily a folder isn’t something I’d crow about. But this one’s really special.

Designed as a container for new business presentations, it features an unexpected twist on the firm’s key graphic element — a bold ampersand with an upward arrow known in the firm as the Uppersand. It’s their symbol of collaboration and is featured prominently in all their marketing materials and advertising. (More on that next week.)

We deconstructed the symbol, overlaying copies of it to create beautiful abstract shapes where the solid portions overlap. As you open the folder, these shapes resolve into the actual ampersand which is fully revealed on the three-panel interior.

GHJ Folder animationThe effect is enhanced by the overall velvety matte aqueous coating which plays against the mirror-gloss finish of spot UV varnish. That high shine reveals the full ampersand as the abstract graphic elements merge. This coming together to create a powerful whole is, of course, the whole point. It’s a message that’s subtly alluded to by our visuals, and strongly stated in the text.

Kudos to our senior designer Kevin Consales for this beautiful concept, to ColorNet Press for the meticulous execution, and to Green Hasson Janks for the courage to try something powerfully different as an expression of their brand identity.

Collaborating with Green Hasson Janks

The Los Angeles accounting firm of Green Hasson Janks is all about collaboration. It’s the core of their brand identity and it’s deeply ingrained in their DNA.

Green Hasson Janks ad featuring the Wright Brothers

To communicate this idea to the business community and help raise awareness of the half-century-old firm, we’ve created a series of ads that are running in the Los Angeles Business Journal. This one is on the front cover of the list of top law firms in the city. It’s read by lawyers, and kept for reference by lots of other businesses as well.

Inside, directly opposite the start of the list, you’ll find a related smaller ad that gives a little more detail and directs the reader to the firm’s website for the full story using a QR code.

It’s on newsstands now. Watch for more of these over the next several months.

[Note: here’s a link to a more recent post with another example of the campaign.]