Pollution-free solution to our energy needs?

I’ve often wondered what’s been happening with the idea of harnessing the powerful, predictable movement of the oceans’ tides to create electricity.

It seems obvious, but then you’d have to look at how to actually do it, and how to keep it all maintained and functioning. Machinery below the waterline is subject to everything from electrolysis to corrosion to barnacles. Just keeping a boat hull working decently requires a lot of maintenance. What about a giant generator?

Well it looks like somebody’s figuring it out. And to maintain this thing, you bring it up the surface, clean it off, and then lower it back down. At least that’s what seems to be happening in this video.

Sure hope this works! It could be part of the solution to global warming.

(Thanks, Eric!)

World War Green

My theory of the day: Going green is the next World War II.

It looks to me like global warming will be the huge economic push that will get the whole economy moving at full steam again. (Pardon the pun.) As the oceans rise, as the land becomes parched, as cities flood, as the populace migrates, enormous opportunities will also open up for companies with enough awareness to see them.

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Do you know about Earth Hour?

Saturday night, March 28, you can turn off your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 PM and join the thousands of cities, tens of thousands of businesses and millions of people in 84 countries who are “voting” to show their concern about climate change.

Earth Hour a simple but dramatic way in which you can participate. Help mobilize governments around the globe (including your own) to get to work on solving this impending disaster.

Or you can go ahead and buy a rowboat to leave in your front yard. Just in case.