The robots are coming

Absolutely fascinating to see how far Boston Dynamics has taken the independent, untethered robot. The agility, speed and accuracy are incredible. Watch how the ‘bot balances when it picks up a package — its “head” is used to counterbalance the weight of the box. Looks alive, and smart. Yikes!

Car of the Future

Techno-geeks unite! General Motors has been pushing the idea of a hydrogen powered car for a generation. Now we’re getting somewhere. True, making hydrogen for fuel cells at the moment uses a lot of energy, but, interestingly, it generates a lot of energy once you do it. Far more than it takes to run a car, for example. If we could harness that extra energy, perhaps the transition to hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles could be well worthwhile. If only because the exhaust is….water vapor.

Here’s a video (thank you, Joe!) of what driving will look like in the (surprisingly near) future.