Breaking new ground in affordable housing

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A week ago Wednesday, it poured, and Vista Urbana’s site was a giant mud pit. The groundbreaking ceremony that was supposed to have kicked off the new community’s marketing campaign had to be rescheduled for the following week.

But last Wednesday, it was hot and sunny. The ground was dry, spirits were high, and our client Aldersgate Investments celebrated the kick-off of construction of their new 156-unit property. We were there to help cheer them on, along with Mayor Tom Holden and an assortment of City officials, lenders from Bank of America, and other supporters. We wish Ernie, Matt and Ruth Mansi every success with Vista Urbana — and the working families of Oxnard access to a wonderful new place to live!

Shakespeare meets Mudmen

I don’t imagine that the Bard of Avon ever saw a Papua New Guinea Asaro Mudman. But that hasn’t stopped director Darryl Hovis and costume designer Shannon Kennedy from turning the fairies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream into denizens of that Southwest Pacific island forest.

Samohi Theatre presents A Midsummer Night's Dream

Tickets for the December presentation of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Santa Monica High School are available at Photo by Jialiang Gao for

This December, Santa Monica High School will stage the Elizabethan comedy in its Humanities Center Theatre. We created the campaign for the production (pro bono, of course). Designed to show off this fresh take on a beloved classic, our hope is that the image will entice local theater-lovers to want to experience Midsummer again in a whole new way.

Intrigued? You can buy tickets and see it yourself! It runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from December 2 through December 11. (And, oh yeah, my son Gabe plays Demetrius.)

Banking on success

Well, this is exciting! The first little piece of our new campaign for BAI Retail Delivery 2009 is live on line! Want to take a look?

Retail Delivery is the largest conference in the retail banking industry. And this year, you can imagine how on edge that industry is, and how badly they all need to figure out how to get through this economic craziness.

Fortunately, Retail Delivery will strive to be the place where that happens. Continue reading

AbilityFirst Capital Campaign

Developmentally disabled kids come from all walks of life. But the one thing they all need is a shot at becoming the best they can be.

AbilityFirst Capital Campaign logoSounds trite, I know. But it’s true. And our client, AbilityFirst, gives them that shot.

Unfortunately, their facility in Inglewood, California, is too small and too old to do the job. (Kind of like my French teacher in high school.) So AbilityFirst is putting together a capital campaign. And guess who’s helping them by designing the identity package, brochure, and other communications tools?

Yep. Us. 

The theme is Building Independence. Celebrating Community. And the goal is to raise $5 million to build a new Joan and Harry A. Mier Center so that the job of educating, training and housing disabled kids and adults, and offering support and counseling for their families, can continue. So far, so good.

AbilityFirst (which used to be known as the Crippled Children’s Society) can be explored here. Wonderful folks doing wonderful work.