New FreeAssociates website!

It’s alive!

We just launched our brand-new brand design website: has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and we’re SO excited to share it with you!

Our Stories section has new work, new case histories (and of course, some older client relationships as well). You might not know about all the things we’ve done, and the results we’ve gotten. So go satisfy your curiosity. And while you’re there, meet the team.

Our Thinking section gives you a taste of how we work and how we can help you think about your own design, marketing and communications challenges.

Our Clients section lets you know about the brands — big and small — who’ve trusted us to help them succeed. Dig in and find out which ones you recognize or align with.

Our blog, freePress, has been fully integrated into the site. If you subscribed previously, we hope you’ll consider subscribing to the blog on the new site so you can stay current with what we’ve been doing and talking about.

And of course we invite you to Connect with us if you’ve got a project you want to discuss, or just want to say hi.

Take your time, poke around and see what’s up. Hopefully you’ll find it fun and interesting!

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