How do you run a 300-person team from home?

And how does that team manage to function during this crazy time?

Erika Abrams, lately of Encore VFX, has some answers. Her take on the weirdness of Zoom meetings, the need for empathy coupled with clarity, and the changing landscape for people of color make for a fascinating — and far-reaching — conversation.

In Episode 7 of WorkLife@Home, we talk about things like working from home in an overseas culture where people don’t own their own computers or have a reliable Internet connection where they live. What then?

We talk about developing a more diverse workplace.

We talk about couples sharing home offices and coordinating video conferences.

We talk about having too many communication channels and the effect that has on both productivity and privacy.

Erika was (until just recently) Lead Executive Producer & Director of Production in North America for Encore VFX, creating visual effects for shows like Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Titans and Black Lightning. She’s now consulting with creative teams, leading workshops, and applying design thinking to management and human interaction issues. She’s smart, experienced and opinionated.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it for you.

(If you like it, there are plenty of other episodes awaiting your earbuds. And more on the way. Tell your friends.)

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