Why settle for only half a brand?

In working with some of our clients, I’ve found that, while the marketing team is all excited about a new brand or an update, the people down the line often aren’t.

Sure, there’s a little buzz initially. But the effort is almost entirely focused on communicating to customers or clients, and the folks who should live the brand every day are never fully on board. Budgets are allocated to get the word out — not in.

But “in” is where the magic happens. It’s where the brand comes to life, and it’s the real point of customer interaction.The receptionist needs to create the brand experience. The guys in the factory have to make things align with it. The customer service reps need to reinforce it. Everyone in the company should be the new brand.

Sound familiar? Then you might enjoy this little piece I wrote. And consider sharing it with whoever in your organization might want to address the problem. Hope it helps!

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