Collaborating with Green Hasson Janks

The Los Angeles accounting firm of Green Hasson Janks is all about collaboration. It’s the core of their brand identity and it’s deeply ingrained in their DNA.

Green Hasson Janks ad featuring the Wright Brothers

To communicate this idea to the business community and help raise awareness of the half-century-old firm, we’ve created a series of ads that are running in the Los Angeles Business Journal. This one is on the front cover of the list of top law firms in the city. It’s read by lawyers, and kept for reference by lots of other businesses as well.

Inside, directly opposite the start of the list, you’ll find a related smaller ad that gives a little more detail and directs the reader to the firm’s website for the full story using a QR code.

It’s on newsstands now. Watch for more of these over the next several months.

[Note: here’s a link to a more recent post with another example of the campaign.]



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