Benetton’s remarkable new campaign

Benetton UNHATE campaign

If it’s true, as Seth Godin says, that you’re either remarkable or invisible, then Benetton may have redefined “remarkable”. Their new UNHATE campaign features world leaders kissing — and I think it’s awesome. The cringe factor, the humor, the humanity, the irreverence, all combine to make the ads simply unforgettable.

For years, Benetton has been a brand that makes waves, that challenges our assumptions and our prejudices. It’s what I love about them. But whether or not we love them or hate them, we sure do know who they are. They stand for something — in this case, for world peace and better communication between humans. Not a bad thing.

As branding mavens, we should all pay attention to this one idea: remarkable or invisible. Those are your choices. When in doubt, take a risk. It’s far less risky than doing what’s safe and expected.

Click the image, or here to see all the ads.



  1. I like it too – a bit of humour amid a constant flurry of bad news! Reminds me of the Fraternal Kiss on the Berlin Wall so a bit of shame that the one of the Pope kissing has been removed.

  2. I’ve already gotten a very interesting comment (via email). The Obama/Chavez image was over the edge for at least one person, and I had the same visceral reaction when I first saw it. The interesting thing here is which images push which buttons and why. Two guys kissing is plenty to offend some people. Two people of different races did it during Benetton’s previous campaigns. Political ideology does it for others.

    Can you imagine the conversations at Benetton when their agency presented this concept? Whoa.

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