Sabrina Maharaj: our newest FreeAssociate

Sabrina Maharaj, our new media associate
Sabrina needs a newer computer! (That's Amy in the background, getting it ready for her.)

We have a new junior media associate — Sabrina Maharaj — who’ll be helping Jammie Cotton with our clients’ ad buys.

She interned at De Waal & Associates public relations, sharpening her research and analytical skills. There, she helped develop creative solutions that resulted in new business leads and positive media attention for the company’s clients.

She’s up to speed on social media platforms and picks up new computer applications in nanoseconds. She can even handle InDesign and Photoshop.

At Long Beach State Athletics, Sabrina organized large events, developed data tracking systems and managed a range of projects. And she’s an athlete in her own right. She might not be a huge threat to Lisa Leslie or Marion Jones, but she loves shooting hoops and she can talk football stats all day long.

We’re excited to have her aboard!


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