Crowdsourced furniture and accessories

Savanna Table from
Savanna Table by Alvaro Uribe from

Retailer is trying something new: putting the things they carry up for a vote to Make or Drop them, based on prototypes you can view on their site. It’s a nice concept, and, for the most part, the designs are very cool. Of course, if you disagree, you can vote for Stylefactory to Drop the item.

There’s a bit of danger in this approach. People may vote to Make things they can’t afford to actually buy, and which therefore will not sell. And they might want to Drop things they consider too weird and unfamiliar (sometimes new ideas need to grow on us), or that just don’t photograph well. But, overall, it seems like a fun and interesting way to test products in the development stage, and a great way to engage visitors to their site. Check it out.



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  1. Hi freeassociates team,

    Thank you for covering us in your blog and the great feedback. We’re always excited when we’re found and ‘liked’! 🙂

    Best from the StyleFactory team,

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